Quadcopter first trials!

There really is something cool about flying.

My batteries arrived for my recently acquired quadcopter, and today was a beautiful sunny day….  so perfect time to test out the quadcopter and do some first trials.  I met up with my friends Hussein and Julia before heading to DC’s Meridian Hill park, to put it through first trials.

I am extremely impressed with the capability of this little machine.  It is extremely light, and after a first few crashes, I managed to start to get the hang of it.  Still a long way to go and it is still difficult to hover while I above about 1 or 2 meters.  I tried to test it’s limits, and got it well above the trees of Meridian Hill park, and pushed it about 100ft or so down the park before I lost the ability to control it (and crashed it into a tree!).  I found the higher it was the more difficult it was to control, in part because my spatial relations to the copter become less clear. The copter has a front, and I found that since their was a slight bias in the controls (i.e. if I was not putting anything on the left/right/forward/back stick it would still slide in one direction, typically forward), it was actually easier to control by rotating the whole copter (which is controlled by the other stick).  The copter was extremely durable too… I crashed it into the sidewalk and put it directly down in a large puddle at one point, and it was still kicking.

I thought I might have some issues from people not wanting to have the quadcopter around (it sort of looks like a drone) but people were extremely friendly.  I let a number of people try it out – some were medium on the experience, but others loved it!  Julia and Hussein also tried it out, and hope to get them out again soon.  I also made sure not to crash into anyone…

The copter has a tiny little camera, and I took mostly video with some pictures.  For the size and cost I am impressed, although the image look like they are from an old webcam.  Check it out in the short (~3min) video of the footage and pictures that I through together tonight:

Cool eh?

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