Quadcopter arrival!

There is something cool about flying.

A short while ago I decided to order an extremely entry level quadcopter so that I could learn a bit about how to fly one.  Not that I really have a purpose – although I anticipate that being able to take video with it will be quite fun – but more to learn how to fly and control one (consistent with the idea of ‘learning to write‘), so that if in the future I decide to get one that had a lot more capability it won’t be my first time flying the copter.

After doing some comparative research, I decided on the UDI U818A (other possibility was the Syma X5C), which luck would have it, Amazon had on sale.  Well, it arrived today!

arrival of quadcopter

Isn’t it a beauty!?

Can’t wait to try it out.  Of note, the battery only lasts ~7mins (or so they claim) so I ordered a pack of another 5 batteries, so when I go out to play I can have a number with me at a time.  I also ordered some replacement blades, in case I screw them up.

Fun times ahead!

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