Quadcopter fail

The Quadcopter didn’t fail, I did.

After a successful first trials, I took the Quadcopter out for a second spin, hoping to get some good footage.  I had lots of space to play with, but when it is up high and far away, you lose some of the spatial awareness.

So I got it stuck in a tree.  REALLY high in the tree.  We tried to get it down, but could not throw rocks even half as high as it is stuck up there.  We even tried a sling shot.

So sad, I am now missing my quadcopter.  However, this is precisely why I bought a cheap entry level copter to play with in the first place, so I can learn how to control it and what NOT to do with it:  fly it too close to trees.

See if you can see it:

Look up..... way up!!

Look up….. way up!!

Need to wait to see if a big wind blows it down one of these days.

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