Inside of me there is a maker.

At least I believe there is.  The last decade of my career has been definitively non-maker like, and most of the time outside of work has been spent building organizations, not things that I can touch and feel and play with.  I recently underwent a career shift in large part as I wanted to get back in touch with the tangible, and as part of that greater objective I want to (re)discover my maker self.

I am not starting with a particular project that I want to create, but rather the desire to learn the tools so that I can create when that time comes.  It is a like learning to write: I didn’t ask what I wanted to write (turned out to be a lot of memos) but it was quite the handy skill.  I always have ideas – websites, consumer electronics, businesses – and not being able to act on them has always made me frustrated.

There are several skills and technologies that I will be attempting to learn:

The physical side…

  • 3D printing
  • Laser cutting
  • Electric circuits

… and the non-physical side ….

  • Web programming (too many website ideas!)
  • Apps (Android, iOS…)
  • Controlling things using electronics (e.g. Raspberry Pi)

… and how to put both together!


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