Bag Movement Alarm: project complete

After I completed the prototype of the bag movement alarmspent some time turning it into something that is more of a usable product.  I designed a layout to fit onto a protoboard PCB that I got with a small project case I purchased, and then soldered it up and stuck it in the project box.

The completed project in all its 1970s styling:

Bag Movement Alarm complete

And a video of the final version in action:

There were a lot of steps in between the final prototype and the final product completed in the project box, which I documented as a project on   In particular I needed to solder the components to a small one-sided protoboard PCB, and then needed to fit it into the project box.

I wrote up full instructions at Hackaday as well as fully documented it as a project on, including including parts list, steps and code in both places.   The details are not repeated here (you can see either the link).  You can also see the code and final prototype I documented earlier.



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