Replacing the Uno with the TrinketPro

Now that I have the TrinketPro working fine, and have the sketch and prototyped circuit for the bag movement alarm project using an Uno, I wanted to replace the Uno with the TrinketPro.

There were a few small changes, as there are two pins on the TrinketPro that are not available:  #2 and #7.  Since I had used the pin 7 as the power on/off switch, I needed to change it in the sketch.  Easy, as I had programmed as a user defined constant in the header section of the sketch.

Uploaded the sketch to the TrinketPro, put it on the breadboard, and moved the jumper wires to the right pins on the TrinketPro instead of the Uno.

TrinketPro integrated in the prototype... but the power circuit does not work!

TrinketPro integrated in the prototype… but the power circuit does not work!

I had hoped it was as simple as just moving the pins around, but no.

It didn’t work.

To be specific, the sketch works fine.  It is the power circuit that does not.  Where before, I had been able to put in enough resistance to have the circuit normally off, but the transistor could keep it on.  Unfortunately, if I put in enough resistance to turn the circuit normally off, the transistor could not keep it on.  As soon as you let go of the power button, the circuit would turn off.

Back to drawing board!


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