An Arduino course from Udemy

While I feel like I have managed to become reasonably knowledgeable about programming Arduinos, and experiences such as at Startup Weekend and with Code for DC have validated my knowledge base and skill, I know there is a tremendous amount that I still have yet to learn.  Moreover, I feel like I have learned sporadically, rather than comprehensively.  I crave something that is much more all encompassing, so I can learn all of the concepts, not just the ones I need at that particular moment to hack something together.

Last week,  Udemy had a massive Black Friday sale on courses:  pretty much any course could be had for $12.  So I signed up for a few 🙂

One course I signed up for was Arduino Step by Step.  From the course outline, it covered issues that I don’t have a good understanding of and issues that I have yet to encounter.  I just started it and so far it is pretty good!


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